A well-lit room influences both the comfort of functioning and the mood of its inhabitants. A window area of ⅛ to 1/10 of the floor area provides adequate lighting. Rooms located in the attic are particularly problematic. Which roof windows should you choose to enjoy perfect lighting? Wooden, PVC or aluminium – which is the best?

To get the best possible light, installing the window as high up in the roof slope as possible is advisable. It is also worth paying attention to proper visibility. Ideally, the bottom edge of the window should be at the height of 120cm from the floor to allow easy use. Attention should be paid to installing the handle; ideally, it should be located at the bottom of the window to facilitate opening and closing.
Types of roof windows

Due to the way they open, we can distinguish three basic types of windows:

The first most popular type is the pivot window. Their axis of rotation is located in the middle of the window sash height. Their application ensures freedom in cleaning the outer part of the window.
The second and at the same time one of the more expensive solutions are tilt and turn constructions. Convenient in cleaning and everyday use, they are an ideal solution.
The last popular solution is tilt windows. Unfortunately, they cause quite a big problem with cleaning, which is very difficult if we do not have another neighbouring window nearby, which we can use during cleaning.

Appropriate material

When buying windows, you also have to decide what material they should be made of.

High-quality wooden windows are considered more solid and less prone to deformation, have a timeless appearance, and are considered more natural and ecological. Unfortunately, wooden windows should be properly maintained to perform their function for years.
Plastic windows are a cheaper alternative to wooden windows, and they are more resistant to moisture and water. Thanks to their channel structure, they are much lighter than their predecessors.
Aluminium windows are the perfect choice for people with a big budget who want to have unusual solutions. Aluminium windows are available in a wide range of colours and are characterised by high resistance to weather conditions.

Once you have chosen the right roof window, you cannot forget about its proper installation. The professional and careful installation will ensure tightness and durability, and it is worth commissioning a qualified installation team. When the work is finished, you should also check the proper functioning of the window.

Source: Optilight windows