When investing in windows for your London home, various options exist. Aluminium windows have seen an uptick in popularity recently and offer several advantages that will add to the aesthetic and feel of your property.

Aluminium windows offer superior protection from external elements while being easy to clean and maintain, a significant selling point for many homeowners. Aluminium windows London

Another advantage of aluminium is that it’s an environmentally friendly material. Not only does it require minimal upkeep, but it can also be recycled and repurposed for other uses. Aluminium window frames come in an extensive selection of styles and colours, so you can find one that suits your preferences and the property. They can be installed directly onto brickwork or reused within frames like hardwood ones.


You have your pick of tilt & turn, bi-fold sliders or casement windows in various shapes. Plus, some can open outwardly for extra rain protection in your house.

Colour Options

With over 200 RAL colours, you can match the look and style of your new windows to that of your house. Some suppliers even provide dual-coloured options for interior-exterior use.

Before selecting the ideal aluminium windows for your London home, you should consider a few things, such as their aesthetic appeal and energy-efficiency ratings. Most importantly, however, ensure they fit perfectly into the layout of your property; thus, take time to plan out how each window will look in each room before starting to shop around.

Regarding security, you should remember that most windows and doors adhere to a design proven through testing to meet British Standards Publication PAS 24:2012 – otherwise known as Secured by Design. This requirement is mandatory for new builds.

Fortunately, most modern aluminium windows you’ll encounter are made to the highest standards by experienced manufacturers with expertise and experience.

Security is taken very seriously at these establishments, and they offer a range of options to choose from. Some feature key locks, while others are more sophisticated with alarms installed.

These are all effective ways to ensure your home is secure and not left vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Additionally, look into any guarantee offers offered on windows from various brands.

When it comes to the cost of new aluminium windows, they’re an excellent investment. Not only are they durable and long-lasting, but their non-rust properties mean you won’t have to spend a fortune on repairs or replacements in the future. Plus, since aluminium won’t rust, you won’t have to worry about excessive maintenance or replacement expenses in the future, either.