Wide Range of Construction Services

Our specialists have a wide range of competences. We carry out all construction and renovation works, including complex, large turnkey projects. Our construction services (London) include foundation casting, wall and floor construction, roof assembly, façade insulation and cladding, all kinds of repairs, construction, infrastructure and much more. For us, there are no too complicated tasks; our professional teams perform various types of work on a scale, individually approaching each client’s order.

Wide Range of Construction Services

  • Marketing 68% 68%
  • Renovation 75% 75%
  • Construction 89% 89%

Construction services – Repair services

Comprehensive construction and completion services for industrial buildings, offices, houses, estates and many others. Our company offers a full range of construction services – both in private and industrial construction.

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Single-storey houses – is it worth building?

Single-storey houses – is it worth building?

Single-storey houses have a specific charm. They seem so cosy, modest, nestled in the surroundings. Poles are more inclined to choose multi-storey homes or houses with a usable attic, and single-storey houses still occasionally appear. Meanwhile, this type of...